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By WEB Systems

We are a consulting group that for 20 years we have been dedicated to digital design, Integrated Technologies and the Knowledge Society; Our work since then has been impressive in the public and private sectors, collaborating in recent years also with small and medium enterprises.

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We work with multidisciplinary teams to build solid structures and effectively achieve the objectives of each project. Our professionals also work as a team with the client, as their opinion is key to being able to offer a quality service that perfectly suits their needs.

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Exchange of knowledge

We have a team of collaborators with more than 10 years of experience in the public and private sectors. This quality, recognized by our customers, is transmitted daily to our youngest employees with the purpose of maintaining a legacy of professionalism and excellence that is directly reflected in the quality of the services we offer.


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Integration and growth

We have a network of national and international consultants, to offer a service up to any level of requirements. We grow constantly thanks to the trust of our customers and the efforts of our collaborators who have identified the requirements of each challenge.

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We take pride in relating to our clients with Assertiveness, by understanding their requests and expressing our solutions in a friendly, frank, open, direct and adequate way, managing to demonstrate in each result only what is desired.



Way of working:


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1.- Detection of needs
Conducting virtual meetings, telephone conferences and on-site visits.



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2.- Preparation of proposal
Including an implementation plan with a feasibility study and control mechanisms.



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3.- Production
Communicating to those involved in the project, about progress, changes and/or corrections.



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Best Practices   Media Strategies
We carry out actions that have rendered excellent service in a specific context and that are expected to yield optimal results in similar contexts.   We have a degree in expertise in media analysis and we apply it in large-scale projects, informed, updated and therefore at the forefront.
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Design by Moduldarity   Digital Marketing

The modularity in the design allows us to carry out supports based on the reticular modeling of sites and platforms that allow optimizing their own execution.

  We create the most effective plans to promote products and services aimed at the target audience of our customers, through storage units and online media.
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Specialized Consulting   Integrated Technologies
We offer on-site, extra-situ, telephone, audioconferencing and videoconference consulting. We have highly competent people and strategic alliances.  

We teach what we know and actively share in the knowledge society with educational technology through WEB platforms.



WEB Platforms: